Character Course Registration


Character Course Registration


If you want to sing in for a course contact us. After you go through the payment you will get the rights for access to the online content of the course!



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Reserve your place:


In order to get registered for the course or to receive an additional information please contact us via email on info@cgzen.com or use the form underneath.



Frequently asked questions:


What is going to be happening during the course?

The course includes online lectures. They will be divided in different modules and each week you will be given access to a new module who contains video lessons. In the end of each module you will be given homework that needs to be finished before the start on the next module. Each student will be given feedback and personal attention from the tutor.

Am I going to be able to see the video tutorials after the course is finished?

Yes after the course is finished you are still going to be able to see the video tutorials!

If something unexpected happens and I am not able to attend the course am I going to be able to receive the payment I made?

If you have payed in advance in order to book your place on the course you will be able to be refunded if you give us a 10 days notice before the start of the course. If you let us know few days before the course has started we will refund you but without a small administrative fee. Once the course has started the refunding process depends on how many learning modules have been active while you were on the course.

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