Zbrush Architectural Modeling

Zbrush Architectural Modeling


Zbrush Architectural Modeling


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Zbrush brings a huge variety of instruments with each new version, the ways in which you can create a models gets multiplied. Very often, even if you know how to work with every individual function really well, it’s hard to tie all of those procedures into a series of steps.

The series of steps is often referred as pipeline and it could be highly individual – the more artists there are, the more ways you have to deal with the same problem.


In this short video i will show you the process behind creating and sculpting a renaissance chair, and not with individual functions of the program. In“Essential Zbrush Course” , we cover all the shown steps in detail.

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Author: Martin “VertexBee” Punchev
Video : Lyubomir Doychinov, Joana Toteva.
3D model made by Aneta Cherkezova.

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